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Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland as it counts for approximately 1 900 000 inhabitants. It means that it is the city that has the most to offer: more places, possibilities and study programmes to choose. Furthermore, more people to be met, more sightseeing to be done, more places to be visited, more to be experienced, more universities to be chosen and more job opportunities to be taken.

If you have a desire to travel during your studies, here is the chance to be taken, just waiting for you. Zurich itself is one of the most beautiful and appalling cities to live in, so if you want to visit other places, better start organizing your time and trips. Switzerland is well known for the high employment rate after graduation, both in Zurich and internationally.

That means that you can easily find work in Zurich and abroad, because the degrees obtained in these universities are recognized all over the world and highly estimated.

Our Programs

Bachelor´s Program

Master´s Program


•BBS- in Business Studies

•BBA- in Business Administration

•BA- in Design Management

•BA- in Fashion Management

•BA- In Hospitality Management

•BA – In sports Management

•BA- In Technology Management

•BA- In Tourism Management

•BBA- Global Economics

•BBA- Global Business

•BBA- Global Entrepreneurship

•BBA- Global Finance

•BBA- Global Marketing

•BBA- Asian Management  

•BBA- Business Communication

•BBA- European Management

•BBA - International Management

•BBA- Small Business Management


•MBS- in Business Studies

•MBA- Of Business Administration

•MIM- In International Management (Asian Management)

• MIM- In International Management (Business Analytics)

• MIM- In International Management (Business Communication)

• MIM- In International Management (Digital Business)

•MIM- In International Management (Digital Marketing)

•MIM- In International Management (Global Banking)

•MIM- In International Management (Global Economics)

•MIM- In International Management (Small Business Management)

•MIM- In International Management (Strategic Management)

•MA Design Management

•MA Fashion Management

•MA In Technology Management

•MS In Science & Financial Mangement

•MS In Human Resources Management

•DBA- Doctor of Business Administration

•PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in Management 

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