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Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for over 1,000 years. Numerous cultural assets cultivated throughout its long history remain all over the city, while traditional artisan techniques and traditional culture, such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement, have been passed down through the ages to the modern era. Kyoto is a city where you can come into contact with and learn about Japanese cultural history in your daily life.

Kyoto offers a truly extensive range of studies, from cutting-edge research that have been awarded Nobel prizes to animation and Zen studies. There are about 50 universities, Japanese language, schools and vocational institutes that offer a rich selection of study options, each with its unique curriculum. There are also many courses that you can take in English, so you are bound to find a form of overseas study that suits you in Kyoto.


Bachelor´s Program


Master´s Program

Bachelor Program

  • Advanced Science and Technology
  • Mechanical and electronic

Master Program

  • Advanced Science and Technology
  • Mechanical and electronics





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