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“Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast and is the third largest city in Spain with a population of around 1.5 million. Valencia is the capital city of the Autonomous Region of Valencia. Two languages are spoken in Valencia: Valencian, a dialect of Catalan, and Castillian Spanish. The cost of living in Valencia is very reasonable in comparison with other major Spanish cities and is relatively cheap in comparison with UK and Irish cities.

There are approximately 85,000 students at all universities in the city of Valencia meaning that student life is vibrant and easy to find. The University of Valencia is one of Spain’s oldest and traditionally one of the four best universities in the country. Currently it does not offer any degrees taught entirely in English, however.Valencia is also a major cultural centre and there are many events and festivals throughout the year. Of particular notice are the Fallas, which takes place from 15th to 19th March each year, and La Tomatina in August.

In summer, life in Valencia revolves around the sea. Malvarosa beach, the biggest in Valencia, is only ten minutes from the centre of the city. Sunbathing, beach volleyball or simply taking a stroll along the seafront are all part of Valencian life.”


Bachelor´s Program


Master´s Program

Bachelor Program

  • Bachelor in Education
  • Bachelor in Communication
  • Bachelor in Business and
  • Bachelor in Health Services
  • Bachelor in Engineering
  • Bachlor in Architecture
  • Bachelor in Design
  • Bachlelor in Law and Policies
  • Bachelor in Veterianary
  • Bachelor in Gastronomy

Master Program

  • Master in Education
  • Master in Communication
  • Master in Business and Marketing
  • Master in Health Services
  • Master in Engineering
  • Master in Architecture
  • Master in Design
  • Master in Law and Policies
  • Master in Veterianary
  • Master in Gastronomy





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