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Toulouse attracts students from all over the world, but has a unique appeal for science students thanks to its reputation as a hub of high-tech-oriented industries. With more than 100,000 students, the ‘Pink City’, is the fourth largest student city in France. With a warm climate and a rich historical legacy, Toulouse is an attractive prospect for students, with a particular emphasis on aeronautics (as the cradle of Airbus) as well as IT, and space. International students also have the right to work in France as long as they have social security health coverage and a residence permit if they do not come from the European Union.

Our Programs

Highschool´s Program

Bachelor´s Program

Master´s Program


Bachelor in Management

Agrimip Innovation


•Master Management - Programme Grande Ecole

•MS Audit /monitoring /Finance

•Management/ Law/ Organization (HR, Supply Chain…)

•MS Health Industry

•Marketing and Management (Air Transport…)

•Innovation / Entrepreneurship

•Banking & International Finance

•Management/Law/Organization in Supply Chain and Lean Management OR Transport, Mobility


•Agrimip Innovation

•Cancer, Bio, Health

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