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Your university years should be more than an opportunity for intellectual exploration. Choosing to study in Rome, Italy, will allow you the unique opportunity to become part of a city that is not only a modern European capital grounded in rich cultural traditions but is also an incredible living museum with thousands of years of history to explore.

Rome is home to 24 Italian and international colleges and universities, This enormous student population adds to the city’s energy and creates an exciting atmosphere for university studies, where students find endless possibilities for student associations, academic research, and international exchange.

Rome is a city unlike any other. The city’s 50+ museums and 900+ churches house World-renowned paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. The cobblestoned streets and majestic piazzas are architectural masterpieces in themselves, and the city is home to no less than 12 Unesco World Heritage sites.


Bachelor´s Program


Master´s Program

Bachelor Program

  • Costume&Fashion
  • Fashion Editor, Styling and Communication
  • Media Design & Multimedia Arts
  • Fashion Editor / Styling & Communication
  • Cinema & Film making / Media Design & Multimedia Arts
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • CG Animation
  • Interior Design
  • Economics and Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Law Degree Course
  • International Business Administration
  • Psychological Sciences and Techniques
  • Cultural tourism and hospitality
  • English Literature
  • Italian Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Archaeology & Classics
  • English Writing, Literature and Publishing

Master Program

  • Fashion Design
  • Accessories Design
  • Creative Knitwear Design
  • Fashion jewelry
  • The art and the Costume Designer
  • Economics and Management of Innovation
  • Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources and Organization
  • International Hospitality and Tourism
  • Criminology Sciences
  • Administration, Finance and Control
  • Economics Of The Environment And Development
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing & digital communication
  • Computational Sciences
  • International Relations
  • Archaeology





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