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London is one of the hottest spots for students right now. London is an exciting city in which to live and study. Still one of the world's most beautiful capitals, it is rich in art, music, theater and literary history. It is the Seat of the British government and the world's longest surviving monarchy. 

Studying in London will put you at the heart of one of the places best equipped to handle your educational needs. There is a stunning amount of libraries, local businesses and support networks that could all aid you in your studies.

London has an immensely rich cultural heritage. England and America share political and historical roots that stretch back to the Magna Carta. London is a city of contrasts where modern office building overlooks Victorian palaces, medieval ,fortresses and Georgian town houses. The population is as diverse as the architecture. Londoners come from all parts of the globe and share a cosmopolitan life of dress, customs, cuisine, and culture.

Our Programs

Bachelor´s Program

Master´s Program

Bachelor’s programs

Accounting and Finance

International Business Management Top-up

Bio science

Advanced Vehicle Engineering

Applied Computing

Computer Systems and Networks Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics 

Engineering Product Design

Criminology w/ Journalism

Fashion Promotion w/ Marketing

Film Studies / Film Practice

Music and Sound Design

Architectural Engineering

Construction Management

Adult / Children's Nursing

Mental Health Nursing


Business Law or Criminal Law

Law or w/ Criminology

Tourism and Hospitality Management   

International Business Management

Marketing w/ Advertising & Digital Communications,



Real Estate

Health and Social Care

Master’s programs

Applied Accounting

Business Project Management

Addiction Psychology and Counselling

Advanced Vehicle Engineering

Data Science

Master of Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Digital Architecture and Robotic Construction

Environmental and Architectural Acoustics

MSc Adult Nursing or Children Nursing

Advanced Clinical Practice

Continuous Personal and Professional Development

Mental Health Nursing

Crime and Litigation

Hospitality Leadership in Universities and the Public Sector

International Human Rights and Development


Urban Design and Planning

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