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Application Service

Choosing the right destination, university and program can definitely determine your success when it comes to study abroad.
If You are struggling to find the university/school or Degree that suits you, need some orientation about the academic program or destination of your interest, this service is ideal for you.

We will help you with your ENTIRE application procedures, and will also orient you with all your doubts and concerns regarding this process.

A first day of school accompaniment is also included, this will guarantee you won’t have any doubt on how to start your first day experience.

Transfer Students

If you are planning to change your Career or University and you are not clear on how to proceed and what options would be the best for you , this service could perfectly help you.

We don’t only manage your transfer process, but we also guide you on the best programs or schools that can be more adapted to you, according to our experience and your interests.

Visa & Residency Service

If you need guidance on the visa process, don’t really know what steps to follow or simply need help with the entire process, acquiring an insurance, or even opening a bank account, this service is just what you need.

For us, each case is unique and when it comes to all kinds of documentation, concerning visas or getting residency card, we can manage the entire process to save you time and effort.

Accommodation Service

To search for accommodation without any knowledge or experience might cause undesired outcomes. If you need to have orientation and guidance to find the best option we can set up various alternatives and can help you find a place that suits you, according to your interest and needs.
Also, basic services such as: Cable, internet and phone will be installed for you. With this service we want to cover every single need when it comes to accommodation process.
Knowing exactly what you want we can prepare a list of accommodation options for you, visit the places and even prepare a video so you can have by first-hand the images, to be able to know what’s best for you.

Welcome Pax Service

There are certainly things that you as a student might take into account when it comes to study abroad, and sometimes the disorientation and lack of time doesn’t really permit you prepare everything how it’s required, properly and on time due to different circumstances.

Our main purpose with this service is to cover all your basic needs before arriving on destination. We will help you with your accommodation; making sure you find what you’re searching for.

We will also pick you up at the airport, install the basic services, open a back account with you, and offer you a Residency Card counseling, so you don’t have to worry, saving time and effort.

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