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Taipei is a very cultural, historical and proud place where there are many things to do every week, the city ​​has many museums, Parks, and temples, and It is known for its festive atmosphere. Visit the Shilin Night Market, one of the largest and celebrities of the world, who sells delicious food street, clothes, souvenirs, etc. or explore the island with your classmates and friends that you have done in Taipei Learning Mandarin in Taiwan you can immerse yourself completely in Chinese culture, get a great understanding of the language and, in addition, there is a Great job and internship offer there. The Chinese school in Taipei is a new school and modern that gives you the opportunity to experience something completely different.

Accredited member of the International Association of Centers of Languages ​​(IALC), the School maintains a high standard with a Qualified teaching team with years of experience. Study Chinese in Taiwan, deepen a culture unique and study traditional or simplified Mandarin, Taipei will become a second home!

Chinese Classes

•Individual course

•Group course

•Semester intensive course

•Multi-City Course



•High School Program

• Family program



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