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Slovenia is a small European country in the heart of Europe that is often mistaken for Slovakia. It’s situated between the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. Slovenia has its unique beauty and things that make you fall in love with it easily. In Slovenia, you can opt for living in student dormitories, where monthly rent is about 80-150 EUR, All-inclusive. You can also live in private flats where rent is a bit higher, but still not so bad - starting at about 165 EUR including utility costs.

Student meals are subsidized by the government, lowering the overall cost of living. For example, as a student, you can enjoy a pizza, drink, soup, salad, and dessert for half the price of only a pizza in a fancy restaurant. student in Slovenia you’ll get a lot of discounts on many activities. As a student Sports are really popular, and you can enroll to affordable to fitness centres, volleyball and football clubs. Language courses and photography courses are also accessible on a student budget. Slovenia is often lovingly called a ‘green country’ because of the many woods that exist all across the country. You can enjoy some amazing autumn scenes when the leaves change color and create almost rainbow coloured woods.


•BA in Business Management

•BA in Marketing, Social Media and PR

•BA in Tourism and Management


•Master in Sales and Marketing

•Master in Business Management

•Master in Management of Smart Cities

•Master in Innovation Management in Social and Education Sector

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