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St Julians (SanGiljan in Maltese) is a population of just over 8,000 inhabitants located on the northerncoast of Malta. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island and stands out for its countless number of hotels and restaurants.

Paceville is the most well-known area of San Julián. Because of its great coastline, most notably it’s baysBalluta and Spinola stand out. Both of them are 5 minutes’ walk away, and posses a peculiar charm and a unique beauty that cannot be found in other areas of the island. Additionally, there are many aquatic activities taking place in the area. The school guarantees a total, kind and effective attendance by the staff from arrival to departure. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. All of them are native speakers of English.

English Classes

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•English for young people

•English for adults

•Courses for exams

•English for Specific Courses

•Business English

•Programmes for children

•English + Sport (Diving)

•English For the whole family


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