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Learn English in New York, the world centre of culture andart, fashion, business, and education, in New Jersey, just infront of Manhattan on the other side of the river, or inPhiladelphia, the first World Heritage city of the UnitedStates. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty,or camouflage among New Yorkers watching a baseballgame of the New York Yankees. In this city, you will improveyour level of English while passing the best moment of yourlife!

English Classes

•General English

•Semi-intensive English

•Intensive English

•Intensive Business English

•Business English

•Cambridge ESOL


•TOEFL and intensive academic English

•TOEFL and academic English

•GMAT 12 weeks

•IGMAT Extension

•GRE 12 weeks

•IGRE Extension

•Semi-intensive academic year / semester

•Intensive academic / semester year



•Student Residence


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