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Miami Beach is one of the most exotic and exciting places in the US, a tourist city where you can practice English daily because in Miami many young students are willing to interact with people. Visit the heart of the historic Art Deco district, a few steps from the white sand and the sea and enjoy the many activities that Miami offers in your free time, whether it's drinking a good coffee or listening to music in a jazz bar.

Schools have great professionals who are well prepared so that students can progress without problems, and teachers are close and always willing to guide students so that they fulfill all their objectives and live a unique experience.

English Classes


•Semi-intensive English

•Intensive English

•Business English

•Cambridge ESOL

•TOEFL and intensive academic English

•TOEFL and academic English

•GMAT 12 weeks

•IGMAT Extension

•IGRE 12 weeks

•IGRE Extension

• Semi-intensive academic year / semester

•Intensive academic / semester year



•Student Residence



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