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Whether you’re a lover of food, art, architecture or just the great Italian culture studying in Florence brings a world of opportunities. Unlike its neighbors Rome and Venice, Florence truly offers you a unique experience. Once the capital of Italy and birthplace of the Italian Renaissance believe us when we say that there is so much to do and see so make sure you check out our video to get a first hand insight on reasons why you should study in Florence. Whether you’re looking to study abroad for one year or for your full course, studying in Florence offers you an education like no other. Respected throughout the world Florence academic system is perfect for artists, scientists, writers and historians. Student life we know wouldn’t be complete without bars and clubs so rest assured that Florence also offers the best student scene. There are a range of lounges and bars all unique to the next, so grab bags and get ready study in Florence.

Bachelor’s Programs
  • Fashion Stylist and Communication
  • Interior and Furniture Design
Masters programs
  • Curatorial Practice
  • Fashion Business
  • Graphic Design
  • Arts Management
  • Brand Designand Management- Food, Wine and Tourism
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