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English courses in Chicago offer an unforgettable life experience. The most populous city in Illinois, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is a city full of skyscrapers, outdoor art and street life in summer.

Enjoy an energetic and lively city is possible with the infinity of interesting activities you can find music, theatre, shows, fairs, parties, shops, restaurants. The schools, close to parks, museums and fountains, will make learning a wonder surrounded by so much culture. The teachers, always ready to help the students, will teach the students in an efficient and fun way so that they acquire a high educational level. Besides the great connection to public transport will make you discover all the most emblematic places.

English Classes

•Basic English

•General English

•Semi-intensive English

•Intensive English

•Business English / MKT

•TOEFL and intensive academic English

•TOEFL and academic English

•GMAT 12 weeks

•IGMAT Extension

•GRE 12 weeks

•IGRE Extension

•Semi-intensive academic year / semester

•Intensive academic / semester year



•Student residence


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