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Chengde, imperial capital of summer in the Qing dynasty, is famous because the best Mandarin is spoken there, the most standard Chinese in the whole country. Life in Chengde is very different from a great Chinese city and, of course, even more, different from living in another country. There are no foreigners, nobody speaks English and students are completely immersed in the Chinese language and cultural environment. Chengdeis a fascinating place with warm and friendly people, a cool climate, mountains and an incredible history! The Chinese immersion program combines a Chinese course in Beijing with studying in an environment Full immersion in the ancient summer capital of China, Chengde. As an accredited member of the International Association of Language Centers (IALC), the School maintains a high standard with a Qualified teaching team with years of experience In a close and familiar environment, teachers will help students in their learning of Mandarin Chinese and enjoy Chinese culture.

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