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Home to large cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego, are famous cities for their pleasant climate, perfect all year round, with a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. California has a young and international environment where there are many places to visit and many activities to do in some of the most exciting cities and of major tourist interest in the United States.

To get the most out of the students' stay, the classes in our schools are with few students. The teaching team is composed of experienced teachers who want to help students to master the English language. Studying English and having fun has never been so easy as, with several schools in the area and an excellent transport network, students will have an easy time learning and interacting with new friends.

English Classes

•Basic English

•General English

•Semi-intensive English

•Intensive English

•Business English / MKT


and intensive academic English

•TOEFL and academic English

•GMAT 12 weeks

•IGMAT Extension

•GRE 12 weeks

•IGRE Extension

•Semi-intensive academic year / semester

•Intensive academic / semester year


•English and Surf



•Student Residence


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