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Berlin is a special city, It is a cosmopolitan capital, full of life and energy In its streets, you can see buildings with the most modern architecture, along with other historical and marked by the bullets of war. Berlin is a city ​​of contrasts, a metropolis that does not want Forget and that teaches your past mistakes.

 The school stands out for ensuring fast learning and Effective for all students. It is one of the schools´ largest and most experienced in Germany to German courses. The reduced class size improves individual learning because you can benefit from the personalized attention of teachers. Besides, the strong sense of community in each school means you won't have problems to settle down.

German Courses

•Intensive course

•Individual intensive course

•Semi-Intensive Course

•Part-time course

•Executive course

•German + Internship

•German + University

•Preparing for high School

• Exam preparation (DAF)

• Course for groups


•Student residence

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