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Famous for the level of education, students and intellectuals from all over the world come to this beautiful university city on the shores of the San Francisco Bay, it is home to one of the best universities in the world, the University of California Berkeley. Also, it is the oldest campus in the University of California system!

English schools are located near the financial district of San Francisco and the prestigious UC Berkeley, which allows students to attend open conferences. It offers a wide variety of language courses throughout the year for international students, with a great academic team that will help students achieve their goals in a fun but safe way. In addition to offering advice to students who wish to apply to Berkeley City College and the UC Berkeley Extension Programmes, students who complete the Kaplan Higher Intermediate level can use their certificate to obtain admission to Berkeley City College. At school, students will have a unique experience in a young, cultural and active environment.

English Classes

•Basic English

•General English

•Semi-intensive English

•Intensive English

•Business English / MKT

•TOEFL and intensive academic English

•TOEFL and academic English

•GMAT 12 weeks•IGMAT Extension

•GRE 12 weeks•IGRE Extension

•Semi-intensive academic year / semester

• Intensive academic / semester year




•Student Residence

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