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Athens is one of the most amazing cities in the world, offering opportunities for students and travelers that few other cities can boast. While it is possible to do the most famous sites in a day, the only way to fully appreciate this beautiful city is to live in it. There is so much history embedded in Athens, from ancient to modern, and it is all screaming at you when you walk around the city. As a student in the city, you’ll have the time and freedom to explore the sites.

You’ll find well-known places,

like Socrates’ Prison and the incredible view from Philopappos Hill, ancient meeting places, such as Pnyx Hill, the Areopagus, and Panathenaic Stadium, and hidden sites too. Athens is near to everything in Greece, and very centrally located in Europe. You can easily reach top-quality beaches in Greece, Turkey, and Italy.

English Classes

•Standard General English Course

•Intensive General English Course

•Combination Course

•The Cambridge Examination

•English Professional Course(1 to 1)

•Standard General English Course+Work Experience




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